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2022, Like new condition

Author: Clodagh Flynn

Author Clodagh Finn travels through the ages to ‘meet,’ among others, Macha, the Celtic horse goddess of Ulster; St. Dahalin, an early Irish saint and miracle worker; Jo Hiffernan, painter and muse to the artists Whistler and Courbet; Jennie Hodges, a woman who fought as a male soldier in the American Civil War; Sr. Concepta Lynch, businesswoman, Dominican sister and painter of a unique Celtic shrine; the Overand sisters, farmers, charity workers and motoring enthusiasts; and Rosemary Gibb, athlete, social worker, clown and accomplished magician.

From a Stone Age farmer who lived in Co. Clare more than 5,000 years ago to a biotechnologist who founded a 3D-printing company for human tissue, this book offers an alternative version of Irish history through the eyes of the women who shaped it.

Through Her Eyes: A New History of Ireland in 22 Women

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