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Arrow Books 2010, Printed & bound in Great Britain—Very good condition

Wexford had never told anyone. Nine of it could be priced, not the stalking, not the stares or the conspiratorial smiles, not the killings, not any of the signs Targo had made because he knew Wexford knew and could do nothing about it.

Wexford had almost made up his mind that he would never again set eyes on Eric Targo’s short, muscular figure. And yet there he was, back in Kingsmarkham, still with that cocky, strutting walk.

Years earlier, when Wexford was a young police officer, a woman was strangled in her bedroom. Shortly after, another strangled woman was found. The murders went unsolved, but every personal and professional instinct told Wexford that the killer was Eric Targo. A psychopath who would kill again.

The Monster in the Box

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