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First edition, copyright 2015, Like new condition

Students, designers, and anyone who has a love of clothes will find The Fashion Encyclopedia to be an essential reference for clothing terminology in both historical and contemporary contexts. From types of embroidery and lace to definitions for clothing styles and stitching, from panniers and plackets to the difference between a batwing and a dolman sleeve, it's all here in this exhaustive and easy-to-follow volume. Inside, hundreds of definitions of every conceivable item of clothing, from hats to heels, can be found, along with all the key words, technical terms, industry jargon, and more, including:

Fashion Terminology & Trends

Clothing styles


Components of Garments

Tailoring and Stitching

Textiles and Fabrics

More than 300 hundred stunning fashion archive and runway images, as well as detailed line drawings and close-up photographs, will help explain and demonstrate the techniques, fashion movements, and styles.

The Fashion Encyclopedia- A Visual Resource for Terms, Techniques, and Styles

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